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Our Preschool was established in 1946 in a church hall in Warburton St before moving to our current site in Talara Rd in the 1960's.


Thanks to the fundraising efforts, in 2007 we completed a beautiful, purpose built facility including 3 classrooms, along with an extensive upgrade to our outdoor learning area and garden completed later in 2011. 

Each classroom has interactive white boards, creating a balance of natural environment and technology to support children's learning. 


As a Not-for-Profit Organisation, any financial surplus is reinvested into the Preschool each year, resulting in an outstanding learning environment where quality improvement is a continued focus.

As a Community based Preschool we are managed by our Parent Group . We include our families in a range of social and Fund raising activities throughout the year. We acknowledge all parents as their child's first teachers and strive to work in partnership with them in their child's learning journey.

Our structure

We are licensed for 3-5 year old chidren and offer 60 positions a day across 3 classrooms. 

Children can attend for 2 or 3 days per week, either: 

Monday, Tuesday

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Thursday, Friday

Gymea Community Preschool delivers such a high quality program because we have more, and better qualified staff than regulations require (each Class Group of 20 children is staffed by a University trained teacher and two TAFE trained educators). 

Working across the centre, we have a dedicated Educational Leader who oversees the curriculum, along with an Outdoor Educator whose role is to help children enjoy, nurture and care for our beautiful outdoor learning environment. 

The centre is led by our dedicated Director Rochelle Hewett, who brings over 25 years' experience to her role. 

The friendly face greeting you in the foyer belongs to our Admin and Finance Officer, Monika Dunn. 

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Curriculum & Quality of Care

Every three years or so, our preschool goes through the National Quality Assessment and Rating Process looking at 7 Quality Standard Areas: 

1. Educational Program and Practice

2. Children's Health and Safety

3. Physical Environment 

4. Staffing Arrangements

5. Relationships with Children

6. Collaborative Partnerships with Families and Communities

7. Leadership and Service Management

We are very proud of the fact that we have a continuous record of achieving an overall rating of
"Exceeding National Quality Standards"

The trained staff of our preschool will ensure that an engaging and challenging learning environment is provided which will foster and enhance your child’s experience and learning development. The staff support the growth of each child in all developmental areas by identifying their strengths and areas to be developed and provide a variety of experiences based on children’s emerging and developing interests. Our staff aim to create an inclusive program accessible by all. 


We are immensely proud of our team of dedicated educators, many of whom have been with our preschool for over ten years. They are the backbone of our centre, creating the warm, safe and loving environment that our children thrive from. 

Drawing from the Circle of Security attachment model, we structure our team so that each classroom of twenty children has three staff, with each child assigned a primary carer who runs their small group times and oversees their development and growth at preschool. This provides consistency and helps children develop a secure attachment with a key educator at preschool. 

We are very fortunate to have an Outdoor Educator who imparts a passion for the environment to our children. We also have a very small selection of casual staff who fill in for extended or sick leave to ensure consistency and stability of the learning environment. 

Our Director


Rochelle Hewett

Rochelle is the passionate Nominated Supervisor and leader of our Preschool, working in partnership with our talented staff, our Board and families to deliver an excellent educational and care program. 

Rochelle has taught in a variety of Early Childhood services including Community Based Preschools for over 25 years and is a strong believer that "Children thrive when families and educators work together in partnership to support young children's learning." (EYLF 2012)

“They say it takes a village to raise a child, I believe it takes a child to connect that village and bring wonder to our world. My goal is for every child and family to feel a place of belonging so they are each able to achieve their greatest and shine their brightest”.



Educational Leader and Teacher

Alison has taught at our preschool for over ten years and holds a Bachelor of Teaching (ECE). She is a Classroom teacher 2 days and our Educational Leader for the remainder of the week. 

Her role is to ensure that the Curriculum of the Early Learning Framework is delivered by collaborating, supporting and mentoring our Educators to continually improve as they plan our curriculum and enhance programs and practices. 



Outdoor Educator

Jackie is our Outdoor Educator for 3 days each week and a Classroom Educator the remaining 2 days. 

Jackie has a passion for bugs, lizards and anything with feathers or fur! 

We believe that the Outdoor Environment is an important learning space for young children, and Jackie's role is to ensure that children explore our unique outdoor space and the wildlife that visits it. 

Jackie explores the weather and natural elements, and introduces ideas of conservation and caring for our special part of the Dharawhal land. 





Alison D 














The Preschool must have an Active 8 Member Board who oversee the Management of the Preschool. These positions are filled by parents who meet each month to discuss Preschool affairs.



We value the contribution and involvement of our parent community, and provide frequent opportunities to get involved through:

The Parent Fund Raising Committee

Surveys and questionnaires

Attending parent evenings

Assisting fundraising and attending meetings

Input into weekly programs, policies and procedures at the Preschool

Attending social functions

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