Our aim

The aim of the Preschool is to provide for each child’s physical, creative, emotional, intellectual, social and language development through play. The Preschool creates an environment that will give the children the opportunity to develop ideas and skills through play in the company of other children. The trained and experienced staff ensure that the learning environment fosters and enhances the children’s learning development before school.

The rooms are presented to entice the children to participate in all activities in a secure, happy and relaxed atmosphere and for this to be an extension of the home environment. The Preschool is constantly aware to meet parent's satisfaction and the community's needs.

Our philosophy 

The Preschool’s aim is to provide a home-like atmosphere within a caring and stimulating environment, which recognises the strengths and talents of individual children.

We aim to generate an environment that meets the emotional, educational, social and physical needs of the children, through a child-centred approach. The Preschool will create the opportunity for children to develop ideas and skills through play, to question bias and utilise critical thinking and develop self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-discipline.

The Preschool will recognise and celebrate diversity both in our local, national and international communities. The Preschool will provide opportunities for all children to learn about and respect diversity of culture, religion, gender, race and ability.

The Preschool will provide the best staff possible, who are enthusiastic and dedicated to early childhood education and ensure that the learning environment will foster and enhance each child’s overall development.

The Preschool will create a safe, clean, healthy environment that encourages positive hygiene and nutrition in children.

The Preschool aims to support the families who use the service and form partnerships which assist to care for and educate the children attending. The Preschool will involve parents wherever possible in the decision making of the centre as well as the policies and practices.